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Be Strategic Solutions and NTT Thailand are joining forces to bring the BeST solution to markets ...

NTT – the Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation – is one of the world’s leading technology services providers. NTT Thailand – a member of the NTT Group – is teaming up with Be Strategic Solutions to provide Asia-Pacific clients with the BeST system available for preparing for complex decision-making processes (of which crisis management is a key component!). At BeST, we see ourselves enhancing these critical financial sector capabilities in the very near future, and are excited to be partnering with NTT Thailand to advance our shared vision of applying technology for good!

APCO Worldwide Partners With Leading Technology Provider BeST to Strengthen Crisis Training ...

New York – March 10, 2021: In an effort to help clients better prepare for and manage a crisis, APCO Worldwide launched a partnership with Be Strategic Solutions (BeST), a leading web-based simulation software provider based in Tel Aviv, Israel, to help drive emPOWER—a unique, interactive digital crisis simulation tool that combines virtual crisis role-playing game with advanced analytics and expert analysis, allowing executives to better understand how their organizations ...

Electronic Tabletop Training is the Next Revolution in Preparing for Disasters and ...

A flood, an active shooter, a tornado, civil unrest or a hurricane are all disasters no matter their origin; man created, or nature created. The danger these situations bring is counted in lives lost and millions of dollars in property and infrastructure damage. In a world where risk is something we try to manage we have to ask ourselves- “How can I prepare my community to respond to an emergency event so we can we reduce or eliminate the loss of life or damage to property”. It has been said that experience is the greatest teacher. Once we do something or in the case of a ...


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Water Emergency @IL

8-9 December, 2021


BeST War-Gaming Forum 2nd Session

13 December, 2021


Cannes International Resilience Forum


6-9 March, 2022



BeST is a computerized crisis simulation software that helps organizations face potential disasters and deal with them in “simulated” real time – better preparing for the “real thing”.

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