The BeST
Simulations We've Run

A review of the BeST simulations we've run in the past year

Brand Threat

A simulation about the response to a plunge in the public’s perception of an organization. Focuses on internal and external approaches to the mitigation of negative publicity.

Data Breach

A simulation about the management of a crisis stemming from a data breach. Focuses on the identification of data breach indicators and the ability to develop shared situational awareness.

Aviation Safety

A simulation about a commercial flight making an emergency landing. Focuses on the declaration of crisis and the ensuing multi-agency crisis management.

Aviation Security

A simulation about multi-agency management of a major security event inside the airport arena. Focuses on inter-agency cooperation and public crisis communication.

Smart City Terror

A simulation about the management of a breach in a smart city's network. Focuses on regulators’ and authorities’ identification, mitigation and recovery efforts.

Water Security

A simulation about the corporate response to a water sanitation threat. Focuses on water shortage implications, public health hazards and social media involvement.

Competitive Intelligence

A simulation about the management of a commercial crisis stemming from third parties’ receiving of sensitive enterprise information. Focuses on the ethics of information collection.

Negotiation: Cyber Incident

A simulation about an organizational response to a hacking incident. Focuses on dealing with the hacker while managing the incident in compliance with the GDPR.

Natural Disasters

Multiple simulations about the management of various natural disasters. The simulations focus on inter-agency collaboration, international cooperation and managing the public.

Negotiation: Internal Politics

A simulation about a negotiation process in which all parties have competing interests. Focuses on participants' processes of collaboratively coming to a single agreement.

Money Laundering

A simulation about the identification and response to suspicious transactions. Focuses on the challenge of dealing with perpetrating agents while communicating with regulators and authorities.

Active Shooter

A simulation about the identification and response to an active shooter scenario. Focuses on the ability to initiate a swift and effective response in a quickly-changing and threatening setting.

Business: Supplier Strike

A simulation about the management of the complex challenges associated with a supplier strike. Focuses on stakeholder engagement, crisis communication and production continuity.

Business: New Competition

A simulation about competitive assessments and strengthening competitive edge. Focuses on the implications of the sudden development of commercial competition.

Mass Casualty Event:

A simulation about the response to a gas leak that poisons hundreds of people. Focuses on the authorities', NGOs' and response agencies' abilities to react & collaborate effectively.


A simulation about the response to a pandemic outbreak. Focuses on the identification, investigation, containment and treatment of an infectious disease.

Structural Collapse

A simulation about the emergency response to a structural collapse. Focuses on identification of vulnerabilities and mitigation of hazards.

Major Public Event

A simulation about assessing preparedness and response capacities for managing major public events. Focuses on the balance of commercial and security considerations.

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