BeST is in the UK!!

BeST are delighted to announce that we are partnering with Monte Alto Solutions in the UK for the provision of our services.

Monte Alto Solutions will work with BeST as our strategic partner across a number of functional areas including, initial request for information, demonstration, client business development, sales and marketing, consultancy, ongoing client relationship management and implementation.

Following closely from BeST’s recent agreement with IATA – the agreement with Monte Alto demonstrates further expansion, into Europe as BeST’s products and services continue to evolve.

Partnering with Monte Alto solutions represents another step forward for BeST as we grow our market share in the European arena. The partnership enables both organisations to provide a more comprehensive, surround service to benefit our customers.

The Monte Alto team will support BeST management in business development and client relationship management, while the BeST management team remains at the heart of our service provision. Both organisations will ensure that the service is tailored to the specific needs of our clients – from designing and building to service delivery and onward through the long-term relationship. This will also allow our Clients to develop new scenarios and challenges for the future – to get the very best out of our products.

We fully believe that the service will be more comprehensive and encompassing – but also more intimate, focusing on the specific client need.

The Monte Alto team will work seamlessly with BeST. They will visit client offices and, supported by our on-line team, will create the right solution/ war game / business continuity test for the clients.

Julian Knott CEO of Monte Alto Solutions said “BeST provides a valuable, and possibly unique business tool for clients that want to test their business continuity and contingency plans at a strategic and operational level. We are proud and honoured to be a business partner across the UK and Europe for such a dynamic organisation.”

The management of BeST and Monte Alto Solutions share common business values and methodologies. Both organisations are highly client-focused and believe that world class service is the cornerstone of customer care.

The BeST “war game” is more than gamification or simulation, it is a unique interactive business tool that tests and records the way a business manages a real-life situation in real time. The ability to track and record decisions and responses and provide instantaneous feedback and reports through an easy to use management dashboard – gives control to the client.

The power of the management tool is that it can measure operational performance and strategic governance and risk.  This forms the basis for cost saving and cost efficiency. However, of even greater value is the protection of the business operation, people, customers and stakeholders. Business reputation and brand integrity is also more assured by a thorough examination of processes and policy, security, and business systems.

For more information contact Monte Alto Solutions:

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